Selling or borrowing against Diamonds

While visiting our store, you can choose to sell or borrow against your diamonds. In either case, the four C’s determine the value of your diamond. They are the carat, clarity, cut and color. By verifying these factors, our certified gemologist will evaluate your diamonds instantly.The final will be explained in detail after evaluating your diamond in front of you. If the diamond is on a gold engagement ring, a price will be given for the gold as well.

Presently, we pay up to 10,000.00$ for 1 carat diamonds and up to 25,000.00$ for 2 carat diamonds. It’s important to realize that extra value is given to signed diamond pieces, such as Tiffany & Co.


WATCHES ARE OUR SPECIALTY! However, selling a watch is a tricky proposition, and we, of course, are purchasing it to make a profit. This creates an instant distrust in the seller’s mind. For this reason, we do our best to eliminate this distrust by being as transparent as possible. Generally speaking you can choose to sell or borrow against your watch. A consignment option is available as well. We are interested in new, pre-owned, rare and vintage watches. In addition, we buy timepieces that aren’t functioning as well as their parts.

It’s important to realize, we sell many watches every month and need to replenish our inventory. In other words, we NEED to buy your watch. For this reason we pay more than the competition. We are aware that many watch buyers will give you very appealing offers OVER THE PHONE. With this in mind, we encourage you to search for your best price, physically. After receiving your best price, come pay us a visit. We are confident that we will beat it. Premium prices are paid for watches in original condition and include box and papers.


Estate Jewelry

Buying and selling Estate, Vintage, and Signed Pieces

If you are selling an inherited heirloom, your grandmother’s ring or antique jewelry purchased from a garage sale or store, we can help you. In fact, it’s very common for our clients to have very little or no information on the items they wish to sell. Especially when it comes to estate or vintage pieces. For this reason, our specialists are here to help. First, we research the market and help you understand key information on your item. We will then provide you with a price estimate and a final offer.

Gold, Silver & Platinum

Even though we buy all precious metals, our main focus is on gold, silver and platinum. There are many gold buyers in Montreal and for this reason; we understand finding the right place is difficult. Therefore, we encourage you to search for the highest price PHYSICALLY. After receiving your best price, come see us, as we are sure to beat it! Ultimately, our customers’ trust is most important to us. If a piece of jewelry is not real, we simply give it back to you. Additionally we weigh and test the purity of the gold in front of you. We want to be as transparent as possible in the hope that our customers walk out with their mind at ease.

We are interested in gold in any condition or form (new or broken). To clarify, we buy scrap gold, gold bars, coins, chains bracelets etc. In fact, we even buy dental materials such as gold teeth, crowns and bridgework. Weight and karat determine gold prices. However, HIGHER PRICES ARE PAID OUT FOR RESALABLE ITEMS. We strongly believe that we are the best place to sell gold in Montreal.


Collections & Antiquités

We are always looking for antiques, rare items, collectibles and old toys. Our experience and our established customer base allow us to give you more money for your antiques and rare objects. We buy from antique collectors as well as dealers. Above all we purchase from the general public. We are aware that some items are delicate and can be damaged in the transportation process. With this in mind, we have the equipment and experience to handle fragile items. Therefore, we are willing to travel to you to purchase and collect the items.


We are looking for original art work from recognized artists. We buy paintings, sculptures, statues or any form of art. There is an option to sell, loan or leave your art on consignment. Generally speaking, our main interest is in original artwork with proof of authenticity.



Formerly, we did things the old fashioned way. In other words, we only dealt with customers who came to our store physically. Then we changed things around and began our e-commerce journey in 2014. Its important to realize that we work on very small margins, giving our customers from all over the world a chance to purchase luxury valuables for very competitive prices. With this in mind we were very pleased with the way buyers responded to our products and customer service.

As a result, we have taken another step, launching Montreal Pawn. Using this platform, not only do we minimize fees, consequently lowering prices but we also make it easy to browse through specific item categories. Come check out our online store at

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