A diamond bracelet is exquisite and can be a great accessory to any outfit. Women have been turning to them for generations to add that special something to their look. Similarly, men have been giving them to the men they love as a sign of their affection. These special bracelets have a special emotional and fashionable meaning that is not about to fade anytime soon.

The diamonds in these bracelets are always set in some type of precious metal, usually gold or platinum. Very rarely you can find them in sterling silver, and in some cases you can find them in titanium. The ones that are set in gold can be set in the common yellow gold or the more uncommon white gold. A pink gold is also an option.

You will likely find that other types of gems and stones are set along with diamonds in these types of bracelets. One that is made in this style is still considered a diamond bracelet, as long as the set stones do not outnumber the diamonds themselves.

The cost of a diamond bracelet is relative to the size of the diamonds used and the quality of the diamonds used which will affect the cost and quality overall of the diamond bracelet. The prices can range from the hundreds all the way up into the hundreds of thousands depending on the quality that you are looking at.

These bracelets should be cared for like any other piece of diamond jewelry, and cleaning can be accomplished by using one of the many commercial cleaning products available. Harsh chemicals should never be used because it may dull the diamonds. Also the settings that hold the diamonds in place should be checked periodically to make sure they are not coming loose. Checking the settings will insure that the diamonds do not fall out, and that the bracelet will continue to be beautiful for a long time.

Source by Ed Voos

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