All watches are not created equal and you really get what you pay for. If you want an exceptional watch that can withstand a very active lifestyle without the price tag of a Rolex then you’ll want to consider getting a Luminox Dive Watch. Before purchasing one I think it’s important to back track and see how this amazing watch came to be.

In 1989 Barry Cohen, who was already in the watch business found a very lucrative niche when he discovered a Swiss illumination system. His idea was to make watches more visible to the eye especially at night or in low light situations. After meeting with the Swiss owner he managed to get exclusive rights to use the technology in the USA and following that he came up with the name Luminox (meaning light-night). At that point the Luminox watch brand was created.

Unfortunately the initial sales for the new line of watches were very slow as they were in an extremely competitive market with the big watch companies. Cohen and partner Richard Timbo noticed a growing trend in watch companies marketing to the active sports market and so they designed the Luminox Dive Watch in 1993.

Finally a stroke of good luck or maybe it was fate but a US Navy Seal procurement officer contacted Cohen and Timbo at Luminox as he wanted a watch designed specifically for the Navy Seal teams. The watch would have to withstand the extremely harsh conditions and rigorous training of a Navy Seal and most importantly it would have to be very visible for them to see during night missions. After much redesigning the watch was finally approved and used by the US Navy Seals in 1994 and was first introduced to the general public as well.

Marketing this Luminox Dive Watch to the public with a Navy Seal endorsement was the best move the company made. The watches become an immediate success and now people from all over the world are using Luminox Dive Watches and their entire line of watches for recreation and sports.

The unique technology behind the illumination of the Luminox Dive Watch is superior to anything on the market. The hands and hour markers have the illumination carefully placed on them which is a lengthy and expensive process. They are very tiny gas lights or borosilicate glass capsules which light up to 100 times brighter than other watches and will continue to light up continuously for more than 25 years. These watches have Swiss quartz watch movement is shock and water resistant and you do not press a button to illuminate the watch nor do you need solar energy for them to light up.

Since the endorsement from the US Navy Seals the Luminox Dive Watch and the entire collection has created a huge following with many different professions such as law enforcement and security to surfers, pilots, weekend warriors,divers, mountain climbers and skiers to name a few. They are extremely durable and will last a lifetime.

I hope this gives a better idea about the Luminox Company and just how special these watches are.

Source by Andrew Murphy