These days antiquing is not exactly a bad idea. Antiquing is basically the act of shopping for antique items, eliminating these aged items as part of one's being by purchasing them. The whole concept of antique does not necessarily mean going cheap, or going expensive with one's purchases. It simply means bringing the past back to life, as part of the living present.

Not so often, antique vintage diamond rings could have been encountered during one of antiquing excursion. Here are two major points to consider when one encounters vintage rings during one's hunt for quality antique items.

Sizing Up the Stones on Antique Vintage Diamond Rings

There are many ways to size up the quality of the stones on diamond rings, the most direct of which would be to literally inspect the stone itself. As there are a number of fake diamonds out in the market, the chances of one of them being part of a batch of rings is not exactly far fetched should one think about it.

One way of successfully knowing would be to inspect the setting and the ring's mount. More often than not, since cubic zirconia, also known as fake diamonds, are rather cheaper, they are often set on inferior metals. Signs of scratches on the stone itself would already state much about the genuine state of the stone, as diamonds do not easily scratch. Consider the price given to the ring as well. If it is too cheap, it says something about the authenticity of the ring. As the old saying goes, "if its too good to be true, its not".

In the more "documented" way of identifying a fake, legal diamonds often come with documents providing their authenticity. A certificate from the Gemological Institute of America, or that by a professional appraisers', one who is connected with established organizations like the American Society of Appraisers, would be strong evidence to veer your doubts about the item being a fake.

Consider the Condition and Quality of Antique Vintage Diamond Rings

Once successfully sized up, the condition of a vintage diamond ring comes in next. Inspect the item closely, and consider the "wear and tear" it has gone through. Are there any stones missing? Are there any signs of tampering? Are there any signs of repairs?

Considering the condition of these rings may sound trivial to most, but is actually quite important, as the cost repairing "breaking down" rings could prove to even cost more than the actual purchase of the ring, considering the damage of course. Bottom line, checking the ring's condition is quite essential when picking antique vintage diamond rings.

Aside from the ring's condition, its quality should be closely inspected to. The materials used in making it, the design it boasts, the ring's quality tells antique-ers much about the ring's history, let alone its durability. All in all, when it comes to antique vintage diamond rings, considering the two above mentioned points could save you from regretting a bad purchase.

Source by Troy Maclean

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