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Sell Your Loose Diamonds with Confidence

Welcome to Signature Jewelers & Loans, where we turn your loose diamonds into instant cash! If you have diamonds of 0.5 carats and above, we're here to offer you the best value in the market. Discover a seamless and rewarding selling experience with Signature Jewelers & Loans.


Why Choose Us:


Top Cash Offers: At Signature Jewelers and Loans, we understand the true worth of your diamonds. Our experienced team ensures that you receive the highest cash value for your diamonds, 0.5 carats and above.


Expert Appraisers: Rest assured, your diamonds will be assessed by experienced gemologists who are experts in their field. Our appraisers provide accurate and transparent evaluations, ensuring you get the value you deserve.


Simple Process: Selling your diamonds has never been easier. Our straightforward process allows you to submit details, get appraised, accept the offer, and receive immediate payment. Experience the convenience of selling with Signature Jewelers and Loans.


Trust and Security: Your satisfaction and security are our top priorities. We prioritize transparency and professionalism in every transaction. Trust us to make your selling experience smooth and secure.


How It Works

  1. Visit Us: You can come in any time during our hours of operation to sell your diamonds. Please keep in mind that you will avoid any wait if you book an appointment in advance. 

  2. Get Appraised: Our team of gemologists will carefully assess your diamonds to determine their market value. Expect a fair and competitive offer.

  3. Accept the Offer: Once you're satisfied with the offer and accept it, our team will offer you various payment options for you to choose from. 

  4. Fast Payment: We understand the importance of a quick turnaround. Get paid securely and promptly once the transaction is finalized. (CASH - CHEQUE - E-TRANSFER - BANK WIRE)

Blinding Diamonds

Why Sell Your Diamonds

Upgrade Possibilities: Use the cash from your diamonds to upgrade to a larger stone or a different piece of jewelry. Transform your collection and style.


Financial Flexibility: Selling diamonds provides immediate financial flexibility for various needs. Whether it's a special occasion, investment, or personal project, turn your diamonds into cash.


Ethical and Sustainable: Contribute to a more sustainable and ethical jewelry industry by selling pre-owned diamonds. Join us in promoting responsible practices.


Q: How do I determine the carat weight of my diamonds?

A: Determining carat weight is easy. Most diamonds come with a certification that includes carat weight. If you're unsure, our team can assist you in the appraisal process.

Q: Is the transaction secure?

A: Absolutely. We prioritize the security of our customers. Our process is designed to ensure a secure and transparent transaction at every step.

Q: How long does the selling process take?

A: It is immediate. Once you accept our offer, we work swiftly to complete the transaction and provide you with your cash.

Understanding Diamond Quality: Inspired by GIA Standards

At Signature Jewelers & Loans, we believe in transparency and adhering to the highest standards in the diamond industry. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our adoption of the same rigorous practices employed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world's foremost authority on diamond grading.

GIA Grading Criteria:

When assessing the quality of diamonds, GIA considers the famous "Four Cs" – Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. These criteria provide a comprehensive evaluation of a diamond's unique characteristics

Here's a brief overview of what each element entails:



The cut of a diamond refers to how well it has been shaped and faceted. GIA evaluates the precision and quality of the cut, which directly impacts the diamond's brilliance and sparkle.



GIA grades diamonds on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (light color). The less color a diamond has, the higher its grade. Our experts meticulously assess the color of each diamond to ensure accuracy in grading.



Clarity measures the presence of internal and external flaws or inclusions. GIA uses a scale from Flawless to Included (I3). Our appraisal process similarly involves a thorough examination to determine the clarity of each diamond.


Carat Weight

Carat weight is a measure of a diamond's size. While it's an important factor, the overall value is determined by considering the other three Cs alongside carat weight. We assess the carat weight accurately to provide a fair valuation.

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